Badass Men of Manliness: Dennis Hopper

Recently the world lost a true Renaissance man, Dennis Lee Hopper: Acclaimed Actor, Director, Writer, Painter, Photographer, Amateur Explosives Expert, Professional Drinker/Drug taker, and Orgy Enthusiast.

For all these things, we’ll miss you. Oh I’m sorry? You didn’t know about some of those things? Then allow me to show you why Dennis Hopper wasn’t just “somebody who needs a haircut,” man.

Doing Drugs So He Could Drink More
There was a short time in Hopper’s life where things got a little fuzzy. This was roughly 1958-1983.

Dennis was the counterculture hippie movement personified after Easy Rider came out. It was a moniker he embraced whole-heartedly and fueled with his penchant for coke, weed, and booze. At one point, Dennis was blowing through 3 grams of booger sugar just to allow him to drink throughout the day. A simple night cap? Maybe to help polish off a half-gallon of rum with a fifth of rum on the side (in case he ran out) and a 30 pack of beer for the day. Best part was that the guy didn’t think he had a problem yet. Quote: “I thought I was doing fine because I wasn’t crawling around drunk on the floor.” Damn straight, man. Know when to say when.

At one point during his haze, he crawled onto the wing of a plane at a Mexico City airport because he thought he was filming a movie; later that the day, after not arriving to the actual set, he was found naked in the jungle after a bout with our old friend Tequila.

But perhaps the greatest Drunk Story of Hopper’s was when he woke up in a bed lying next to…. READ MORE


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