Badass Men of Manliness: Steve McQueen

Terrence “Steve” McQueen was born to a stunt pilot father and an alcoholic mother. Legend has it that he barrel-rolled out of his momma’s womb and refused to have the cord cut until he finished his end of a fifth of bourbon.

In the 60’s and 70’s, Steve personified the “anti-hero,” while becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest box office draws. He also raced motorcycles professionally and sparred with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in his spare time. Mr. McQueen liked booze, fast cars, hot women, and free shit. Kids – I present you with your new role model.

With that, we give you Steve McQueen: An Abridged (And Slightly Exaggerated) Bio of a Badass Man of Manliness.

‘Cuz I Got No Place Else to Go
Steve’s family life was nothing short of abysmal. He never really knew his father and his mother kept dumping him on relatives while she was busy drinking her weight in peppermint Schnapps and marrying one sorry sack after another. Once, when Steve was a young lad, his stepfather at the time threw him down a flight of stairs. Steve bounced up from the floor, brushed off his shoulders, and sneered, “You lay your stinkin’ hands on me again and I swear, I’ll kill ya.”… READ MORE


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