Get Your Masters Of None Degree

Never went to college?  Failed out of high school?  We feel for you, that’s why we created the Masters Of None Degree.  It’s a dope-ploma you can proudly frame and hang on your wall to look smart and stuff.  To get yours along with 5 MoN Stickers, PayPal $4 to us at mastersofnoneshow @ Throw in another $2 if you want a copy of Jay’s comic book ‘Sucks To Be Dead‘ as well.  And be sure to sign up for the 3 Fist Dispatch E-mail list and pick yourself an official Master Of None ID# so we can put it on your duhploma.  To see some creative ways folks have displayed theirs, check out the message board thread. Magna Cum Lousy!  Here is our display contest winner Gojira’s new setup, because let’s face it, anyone who listens to us deserves recognition.


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